Our new Friday intern for the fall is Ben, aka Chuckles, and he is kinda an amateur magician. Steve first met him at Meijer when he was out front doing magic tricks for people coming into the store. Weird, right? And now he is our intern! Well, he wanted to do one of his more famous tricks for Fish.

Steve may have screwed up the camera work a little bit by not properly filming the trick, but here is the gist: He asks you to take a card, then he puts it back in the deck and starts flipping over cards. He deliberately flips over the card you chose and puts it in a pile, and then asks you to make a bet.

He asks you to bet that the next card he flips over is yours, so because your card has already been flipped, you naturally agree (Fish doesn't). Then he goes back into the pile of already flipped cards, finds yours and flips it. Boom! How did he do it? He didn't tell us how and refuses to explain his magic. Can you?