Checking Facebook at work may not be such a bad thing after all. A new study shows Web browsing at work could boost your performance.

While reading a magazine, that I will not reveal to save my manhood, it said people had better focus and productivity after taking a 10 minute break to play around online. So does this mean we all get an excuse to check our Facebook and Twitter more often now?

Many people already surf the net more than they should, but has it turned in better work performances? Who really knows? But the study coauthor Vivien Kim Geok Lim, Ph.D, and my new best friend, said "That it's more pleasurable and rejuvenating than checking e-mail, which is cognitively more demanding." So instead of taking smoke breaks, will we be taking "Internet" breaks? It seems like the right thing to do to keep your mind sharp on busy days, is to take a few virtual breaks.