It's not everyday that you are on a video conference and you say to yourself "is that a butt?"  But, with Fish's brand new trick, you can get all of your co-workers saying it on your very next call.  It's pretty simple actually, you just need to fold your arm so that your elbow is pointed out and the crease between your forearm and your bicep looks like a butt.  It's extra cool if you have a hairy arm because then it looks like your fake butt is hairy too.

OK, this really isn't that great of a trick and we don't recommend you using it during a work call, but you might be able to use it in your personal life.  Let's say you meet someone on Tinder and they are really into hairy people and they ask you to send nudes but you are too shy to send them.  Boom!  You got yourself an arm butt that you can send their way and you don't have to experience the shame if they just post the pics online behind your back.

Or, let's say that you need a hairy butt model for your brand new thong line you developed in your basement while quarantined because of the pandemic.  You have a model right there in your arm.

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