It's time to pull out all of the stops and tell us something that you have never done.

It surprises people when I say that I haven't done BLANK.

  • Taco Bell. (Breathe, Fish, breathe.) We didn't really eat out when I was growing up, and I have just never gone. Plus, there's the MEMEs....
  • Touch cotton balls. Can't do it. Freaks me out. Sounds awful. Can't do it. I can't be around ppl when they touch them. I walk away. Ppl just think it's so weird. But
  • Basketball or voleyball in highschool. I'm 6' so everyone assumes.
  • I've never been on a plane and I'm 41.
  • Smoked a cigarette (or weed or vaped). It just never interested me enough to try it.
  • Krack when one of my nicknames is krakhead
  • Watched a single episode of Game of Thrones or Tiger King
  • Seen any Star wars or Lord of the rings movies
  • Smoked weed
  • Broke any bones
  • Learned to swim without plugging my nose
  • I’ve never had chicken pox
  • Snowboard
  • Booger sugar.
  • Weed
  • Meth
  • Ever eaten a banana.
  • I have lived In Michigan my whole life and have never been to the UP or mackinaw.
  • People are always surprised when I tell them I have never had a pronto pup
  • It surprises people that I have never been engaged, married or have had children yet in my life. Why this shocks people Im not sure other than the fact Im in my late 20s. Ive even had a customer of mine tell me to get moving on those since my eggs will be punching out their time clock soon. 😂wth
  • Who is another thing I've never done is watch 1 episode 1 movie won anything Harry Potter
  • Had my real first kiss...I’m 20
  • I have never driven a car, I am completely terrified of being in control of a vehicle, especially on the freeway. I've always been scared of it and just have had people drive me places or take the bus lol.
  • I have never owned a cell phone. I'm in my late 30s and have only ever used landline phones.
  • People are surprised that I have never "made balloon animals". I'm 30, single, and waiting til I'm married.
  • Having balloon animals is really common at my age (20-30) but I haven't done it yet lol. And it's not because I am saving myself for marriage.

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