Joseph is a 10-year-old Retriever mix that came to the Humane Society of West Michigan from Little Rock a couple weeks ago. He was surrender to that shelter due to his owner passing away. Despite his age, he is still playful but loves to cuddle more than anything else. Added bonus, because Joseph is 10 he's part of the Silver Paws Program which means all dogs 7 and up are fee waived! 
Friday, 4/12 - Wishlist Drive at the GR Griffins
Anyone who brings an item from the Humane Society's wishlist or a monetary donation to the game on the 12th will receive a special benefit from the Griffins.
National Dog Bite Prevention Week
Use the "Always Ask Campaign" to prevent dog bites in the future.
  1. Always Ask the owner (or handler) if it’s okay to approach and meet their dog. Dogs have boundaries too, just like humans. 
  2. Avoid eye contact - for humans eye contact gains trust but in a dog's world, that can signal aggression.
  3. Side up to the dog if the owner says it's okay. This is better than facing the animal. Side by side mimics dogs behavior with one another. This movement will make the dog feel safer with you.
  4. Don't crouch over the dog – that can feel threatening to them. Squat, or stand up straight. Let the dog come to you. 
  5. Don't pat the dog's head or back end right away. If the dog is open to touching, touch the dog with your open hand on his shoulder, neck or chest.

It's National Volunteer Appreciation Week & the humane society wouldn't be able to do what they do without the help of the volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, get more info here.