OK, so her name isn't actually Karen, it's Lisa Ann, but her complaints at this city council meeting in Davenport, Iowa were very "Karen-esque."

The city council was meeting to discuss some rezoning of land in the city, but Karen... whoops, I mean Lisa Ann, wants to talk about her divorce, her daughter in college, her Facebook account, and how the local library decided that they wanted to change her password.

I took the liberty to transcribe this video just so you can see in writing how crazy and disjointed this speech is:

Lisa Ann: Hello, my name is Lisa Ann White-Whitmer-Wagman. I just moved here because I am getting a divorce and it's not final until September 18th. My husband will not give me any money. Not one penny. The lawyer won't help me. My husband won't help me. My dad, Marlin Lee Whitmer, is a minister, won't help me. My step-mother won't help me. My mother passed away 7 years ago and my dad and Annie Hockhousen. They wrote at (inaudible) French that they both are my parents. Annie is my step-mom. I'm not quite sure why I'm here or what I'm doing, but there is a reason. My lawyer is Justin Title. I don't know if you've ever heard of him. I'm moving down to Texas soon to help the children in Texas. I'm a very loving parent. Very, very, very loving parent. I have a 20-year-old daughter. She's going to college at St. Ambrose this Fall. She's in Musketeen College right now. Her name is Shannon Elizabeth and she is not helping me because she's 20, she's scared, she doesn't want her parents to separate or divorce.

City Council Member: Ma'am, we're discussing the rezoning for the Portillos do you have any comments on that?

Lisa Ann: For what?

City Council Member: We're discussing the rezoning on 53rd for...

Lisa Ann: Well, I live on 63rd.

City Council Member: Again, we're here to hear comments about the rezoning.

Lisa Ann: Well, I don't like Facebook and I don't like the internet because I can't find a job. The library blocked my password. Now tell me. Does that make any sense to you?

City Council Member: Ma'am, we're not here to discuss your personal life, I'm sorry. Do you have any comments about the rezoning?

Lisa Ann: No sir, have a good day.

City Council Member: Thank you. Next.

It's funny, it's sad.  It's 100% a Karen speech.

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