Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, has been admitted to the hospital. Spokespersons for the couple say that she is in very early stages of labor.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge traveled quickly by car to central London where they will remain at St. Mary's hospital until after the family is released to go home. Just a few days prior, the duo came from Kate's family home in Buckleburry (about a 5 hour drive) to Kensington Palace where they spent the weekend waiting for Kate to go into labor, no doubt.

It has been reported that Kate arrived at the hospital at around 6am London time (1am Eastern).

Many are saying it will be a while before we know more details. Of course, when the birth is posted publicly it will be reported by the media however, Kate and William are able to keep the name and perhaps even gender private knowledge until a time of their choosing. Of course, we all know how private they are so things might stay quiet for a while.