Connie and Dan's kitty, Kevin the Cat, won the prestigious honor of "Cat of the Month" at Connie's vet!  Connie wrote this adorable story about how Kevin came to be Connie and Dan's fur baby:

We fell in love with the Persian breed after rescuing our first one. Sadly, he passed unexpectedly and we were heartbroken. After many tears, we decided we were ready for a new family member. We found Kevin!

Have you ever seen the movie, “UP”? There is a bird in the movie – absolutely hilarious. I said to my husband, if we ever get another male cat, let’s name him Kevin! (I believe he rolled his eyes at me…)

And guess what? Kevin the cat TOTALLY lives up to the quirkiness of his namesake, Kevin the bird. He plays like a dog with his dad and cuddles like a baby with mom. He will be sound asleep and hear one of our voices and start purring immediately. He doesn’t move or open his eyes or act like we are nearby… He just purrs. Loudly! It’s awesome.

Kevin loves people. He doesn’t go and hide when guests come over – he seems to enjoy being the center of attention. He gets passed around like a baby. We joke that we are glad he actually learned how to walk, because everyone is constantly holding him. And he’s good with that. Until he’s not.

I think our favorite thing about Kevin is that his tongue is almost always sticking out. Sometimes a little bit and sometimes a LOT. It seems like it’s just comfy for him. Oh! And when he’s REALLY sniffing something (like my hair), he snorts like a little piggie. That’s because of his smooshy, Persian face. We couldn’t love him more!!! Kevin is 3 now!

And if you are a Kevin fan (we all are) check out these other super cute pictures of the sweet and adorable Kevin the Cat!