OK, The Lifetime Network usually isn't my first choice in TV... BUT, a much hyped 'made for TV movie' aired last night.  The story of the Craigslist Killer was documented on Lifetime in a 2 hour made for TV movie.

I didn't know too much about the Craigslist Killer going into the movie.  So to find out that he was living such a charmed life was quite surprising.  Phillip Markoff, the Craigslist Killer, was a medical student, a fiance, and mentally unstable.

The movie doesn't go into much detail about Markoff's history, or his motives for the killings.  This is probably because the details of his motives are still pretty blurry.

It was a typical Lifetime movie; very dramatic and some cheesy overacting early while the characters were developed.  I never really felt anything but disgust for Markoff.  His character was portrayed as a romantic, sweet, fiance who had a dark side.  But that dark side was never really explored.

After finishing the movie I checked out Markoff's Wikipedia page.  All of the major points in the story were documented in the movie as well.  So Lifetime did a pretty good job fact wise.

Here is a brief summary of the movie as described by Lifetime:

“The Craigslist Killer” follows the dark, mysterious life Philip Markoff (Jake McDorman) conducted online while preparing for a promising future as a doctor and a life of happiness with his fiancée, Megan McAllister (Agnes Bruckner). Seemingly destined for greatness as one of Boston University’s brightest med students, Markoff could do no wrong in the eyes of Megan...More about "The Craigslist Killer" movie

The movie will air again 3 times this weekend:

Sat Jan 8 @ 9PM

Sun Jan 9 @ 7PM

Sun Jan 9 @ 11PM

Fore more information on The Craigslist Killer check out his Wikipedia page.

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