has put together a list of the best band from every state, but their list includes a lot of bands that I've never heard of.  Now, I've never claimed to be some sort of music aficionado, but it seems like I should know more of the bands that made the list.

The band that Thrillist made the best in Michigan is The Temptations, which totally makes sense because they were a pretty influential band.  The only other artist I could see as Michigan's best would be Bob Seger.

Here are some of the more popular bands that you might recognize.

  • Alaska - Portugal. The Man
  • California - The Beach Boys
  • Florida - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  • Minnesota - Prince and the Revolution
  • Texas - Destiny's Child
  • Wisconsin - Garbage

OK, those are all recognizable.  There probably aren't many major bands from Alaska, so Portugal. The Man makes sense.  And The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, Prince, Destiny's Child, and Garbage are all pretty big groups as well.  But a bunch of states have bands that I've never heard of, have you?

  • Alabama - The Swampers
  • Idaho - Built to Spill
  • Maine - Coke Weed
  • Missouri - The Rainmakers
  • New Mexico - The Shins
  • Vermont - Lambsbread
  • Wyoming - The Lillingtons

You can check out the entire list here.