When you take sleeping pills it's to help you sleep, obviously, but you should also be aware of the side effects. Groggy, loopy, online shopping... wait, what?!

Metro reports that a man took sleeping pills for the first time and while under the influence he did some online shopping at 2 in the morning. But it's his purchase that had everyone saying WTF!?

He bought a cow. Yes, a cow. For $3,000!! Cuz why buy clothes or shoes when you can buy a cow, right?

Phil Walter/Getty Images

The man's friend posted about the story on Reddit and showed the receipt for proof:

carefreedude via imgur

Obviously, the guy had no idea what he was doing but he did manage to call his credit card company and stop the payment. Can you imagine if a live cow was delivered to his door?

I imagine he's backed off the sleeping pills, for now.