We've all done it. Don't deny it. At some point or another you've asked for a water cup when you really put pop in it instead. It's a slick way of not paying for a drink.

However, an Arkansas man is facing serious charges for doing that very exact thing. Newser reports that the 18-year-old, and his two friends, went through a McDonald's drive thru and asked for three large water cups. They dumped the waters out before entering the store and filling the cups with pop instead.

After being questioned by a manager, the two friends returned their drinks but the other did not. The manager proceeded to stand behind their car to stop them from leaving, but the car reversed and hit the manager. He was hit a second time after trying to take the keys out of the ignition through the window.

After the car drove off, the manager called police and the men were later found at a bowling alley. The 18-year-old driver was arrested and charged with suspicion of felony robbery.

Mind you ALL THIS for a large soda that would've cost him less than $2 and gotten him free refills.