My goodness man!

You've heard of Matt Stonie, right? If not, let me introduce you to Mr. Stonie. He is a Youtuber and competitive eater. Actually Stonie was the guy who unseated the reigning champ of this year's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (Joey Chestnut). Stonie beat out Chestnut by two hot dogs, he put down 62!

In the video above Stonie broke the world record and put down 25 Big Macs in about 22 minutes. did the math on this, that's 11 pounds, 13,250 calories and $120.

Props to Stonie, I can hardly put down one Big Mac, but how is this guy is such great shape? The man put down 25 Big Macs and still somehow has a chiseled jaw.

After I wrote that last line I got my answer. Stonie majored in nutrition in college. Something tells me when he's not eating competitively he's eating pretty darn clean and doing laps around his neighborhood.

Oh by the way, he also holds the record for eating 182 slices of bacon in 5 minutes, 34 pepperoni rolls in 10 minutes, 241 Hooter's wings in 10 minutes, 24 gyros in 10 minutes, 20 pounds of pumpkin pie in 8 minutes, 120 Twinkies in 6 minutes, 10.5 pounds of frozen yogurt in 6 minutes, and (my favorite) 5.5 pounds of birthday cake in 8 minutes 59 seconds.

My hero.