​One of our listeners needs your help.

On Tuesday, February 26, she was a victim of a road rage incident. There was a man, driving a silver SUV with a "messed up front end". He sideswiped her Pontiac Grand Am. They were on SB M-37, at the intersection of M-37 and 13 Mile in Sparta.

He had been messing with her for miles. Cutting her off and finally, side swiping her vehicle. After which, he sped off.

She filed a police report and thought she had the correct license plate number. Turns out, it was wrong. (Obviously, a very stressful situation)

If you happened to be in the area that day (It started on M-37 in Kent City and ended at M-37 and 13 Mile in Sparta) and noticed any of this happening, please shoot us an email at email@connieandfish.com with details.  You can also help by sharing this blog.

Thank you!