I'm all about following your dreams and going for your heart's desire. I finished four years of pre-med in college, took the GRE to go to grad school and ended up realizing it wasn't for me. Next thing I knew, I found myself enrolled in broadcasting school and here I am today. But when it comes to something that's a total head-shaker (aka stupid) I'm just going to say stick to what you're currently doing.

UPI.com reports a 24-year-old man in India quit his job as a research assistant at a hospital to "become a record-breaking selfie-taker." Yes, you read that idiocy right.

Bhanu Prakash thought selfies was just a "girl thing" until he heard Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson broke the record for taking 150 selfies in three minutes. Then he was inspired!

He quit his full-time job and is now training full-time which include hand and wrist exercises. Hmmm. I'm just going to leave that one there LOL!

Prakash will attempt to break the current record, held by Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson with 1,449 selfies in one hour, this Friday. He claims his personal record is 1,700 selfies but will try and accomplish 1,800.

The crazy part of this story is that his parents are 100% backing this foolish idea. Let's hope they aren't backing him financially.

In honor of this story here's only ONE selfie of myself: