The Most Annoying Facebook Posts
Is there something people do on social media that really annoys you?
There are lots of people who have no problem sharing their lives on social media, with Facebook being the biggest platform. From their innermost thoughts to pictures of themselves and families, people are constantly sharin…
Introducing the Selfie Spoon! [Video]
Ok, I admit I'm one of those people that likes to take pictures of my food. But I can't help it, I'm a foodie and I want to document the amazing meals I eat whether I keep it to myself or share it on social media. But, Cinnamon Toast Crunch wants us to take it a step further...
Man Quits His Job to Become Professional Selfie-Taker
I'm all about following your dreams and going for your heart's desire. I finished four years of pre-med in college, took the GRE to go to grad school and ended up realizing it wasn't for me. Next thing I knew, I found myself enrolled in broadcasting school and here I am today...
Talk About a Selfie
You think you've snapped some great photos of your vacations? Alex Chacon upped the bar for memorable pictures by taking selfies in three dozen countries.