Selfies have definitely become the norm, it seems that people will never get sick of taking pictures of their face and thanks to research we are able to breakdown how many selfies we will take in a lifetime!

After seeing this survey's findings you might think twice before taking a selfie. The new survey found that people who were born after 1980 will take more than 25,000 selfies in their lifetime!!!!!

It also found some other unsettling facts:

1.  People now spend 54 hours a year taking selfies

2.  More than half of people fix their hair before they take a selfie/ 47% practice their facial expression

3.  People spend up to seven minutes taking and retaking selfies to try to get the perfect one

4.  47% take a picture of themselves during childbirth

5.  30% take one during sex

6.  20% take one during a funeral

For more on the survey check the link below: