When you work in radio, the company you work for needs to know that people are actually listening to your show.  So, they hire research companies to determine what demographics of people are tuning in every day.

Well, one of those research companies just gave us some feedback for the Connie and Fish show.  After breaking down the numbers, our management has determined that out of the entire listening audience in our broadcast area, only 0.5% of the men who are listening to the radio, are listening to us.

To put that into perspective, if 200 people listen to the show, only one of them is a man.  That seems a bit off to us, but hey, what do we know?  We are just the people who talk to you on the phone, meet you in person, and read your text messages and Facebook posts.

So, we wanted to put this statistic to the test by letting you answer our "Are you a man?" poll.  Vote below: