Life usually boils down to one or two things, and I think you would agree with me that the word 'success' comes up a lot.

What makes you or I a success?  My list is super short, but yours may be longer.  For example, do you measure success by how many friends you have (not necessarily on Facebook, but in general:) or is the height of success in the number of kids you are raising?

According to a new poll taken by Men's Health magazine, friendship tops the list at 66% and family is last with a paltry 1%.  Really, that low??

Money and power or responsibility nearly tied with 12 and 11%, respectively.  Fame came in at 6% and 4% said that success to them is measured by a long life.    Do you agree or disagree?

The article goes on to ask participants if they would push a 'restart' button on any decision they've made in life.   Forty-four percent said yes and 56% claim it's their mistakes that have made them stronger.

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