Jones is a sweetheart! You're going to love him right away when you meet him at the Humane Society of West Michigan.

He's an 8-month-old Retriever Mix who needs a good home and I'm really surprised he hasn't been adopted yet! He's got such a fun personality, loves attention and is very playful. Jones will do well in any type of family but one preferably without any cats.

Speaking of cats, tis the season of kittens! Shelters are overwhelmed with the amount of cats and kittens they get in the summertime and right now, the Humane Society of West Michigan has 105! That's why it's so important to spay/neuter your cats. Even if you have an outdoor cat, get them fixed and then send them back outside.

And because of the amount of cats, the Humane Society of W. MI is in dire need of pate-style foods because that's what kittens and their moms eat. Donations can go beyond monetary, view the humane society's "Wish List" and see what you can help out with.

And finally, summer camps start on June 19th! Now is the time to get the kids signed up before classes fill. Classes for all age levels, including full and half day sessions, are available to sign up for. This is a great way to get the kids out of the house, having fun and interacting with other kids and animals.

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