Mel Trotter Ministries provides shelter, food, clothing, education and much more for the "hungry, homeless and hurting of Grand Rapids".

Now, thanks to the opening of a new Day Center and renovated Food Pantry this week, Mel Trotter will be able to provide even more services in downtown Grand Rapids.

Fundraising for the new Day Center and Food Pantry began last summer.  A total of $630,000 was raised to make the project possible.

WZZM tells us more about the completed project:

The center is located in a former tire warehouse on Williams Street SW, just behind Mel Trotter's downtown Grand Rapids headquarters.

The day center will provide shelter for 100 homeless men, women, and children.

The food pantry has also been expanded, adding refrigerated room for repackaging meats, dairy and produce into small portions for individual households.

The Mel Trotter food pantry helps more than 160 households each week.

As retail growth continues in downtown Grand Rapids, it is important that charitable growth keeps pace as well.  The completion of Mel Trotter's Day Center and Food Pantry will help Grand Rapids meet that goal.