The holidays is about spending time with your family but if for whatever reason you have to spend Thanksgiving alone this year, head out to George's Senate Coney Island in Northville for a free meal.

The owner of the restaurant, George Dimopoulos, told WXYZ Detroit that for the past ten years, he has been feeding lonely diners for free on Thanksgiving.

“I was young, didn’t have much food and someone gave it to me and I was appreciative of it and I remember those people,” says George.

And now, this is his way of paying it forward."

The restaurant will be open all day to customers from 6:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving. They will also be offering a full Thanksgiving Day dinner for $22.95 per person.

George says he plans on doing this for "as long as he lives" and isn't concerned about the fact that he could be losing money. He just wants people to be happy.

The world can use more people like George Dimopoulos :)