Today we had the opportunity to talk with Michigan's Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, about how the state's Secretary of State offices are currently functioning during the pandemic and stay at home order.  Secretary Benson also told us a little bit about how elections are going to work during the pandemic.

During the interview, we learned that Michiganders should anticipate Secretary of State branch offices will not be reopened prior to May 14.  But until then, there are several digital and in person alternatives for Michiganders to use services provided by the Secretary of State.

You can also find a pretty thorough Frequently Asked Questions section Regarding Secretary of State services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Secretary Benson also spoke about the upcoming local elections on May 5th, and then the general election on November 4th.  The list of local elections in May can be found here, and the registration deadlines are Monday, April 20 by mail and Tuesday, May 5 in person.

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