When you are stuck in your house because of a stay at home order, some locations you might be cooped up in can be far better than others. Connie, Fish, and Steve are all stuck in their homes in Michigan and their boss, Brian (we call him BT) is stuck in his home in Florida.

During a conference call, BT told us about how he saw some dolphins behind his condo while on his boat and Steve countered with a story about how a squirrel destroyed some of his patio furniture to get the stuffing. That got us to talking about how it really can make a difference where you are quarantined. And that led Steve to this little gem he calls...

Backyard Wars

In a time of stay at home orders and lockdowns, the backyard is the best place to find leisure. Two backyards from across the country are battling for supremacy.

Who will reign supreme? Michigan or Florida?

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