What a cool story about a family in Walker who lost their pet cockatiel around Christmas but found it almost 100 miles away.

WZZM tells the story of Brendan Franklin losing his pet cockatiel Oden after the bird flew out of his pocket when he was heading home from visiting his grandmother. They say the bird flew away, and they think the wind was too strong to bring the bird back to Brendon. After Oden flew away, Brenden and his family spent hours driving around their neighborhood in Walker looking for the lost pet.  They even posted pictures on area lost pet Facebook groups.

As WZZM reports, 8 days later, just as the family was about to lose hope on ever finding Brenden’s cockatiel, Brenden’s sister, Kaitlin, saw a lost bird that looked like Oden, posted in a lost pets group on Facebook all the way in Lansing. She reached out to the rescue organization and started asking questions about the bird and realized that it was actually Oden, found 98 miles away, over in Webberville.

Overall the cockatiel was in good health, she had some feathers missing from her head and a broken toe, which they believe happened when a larger bird probably attacked the smaller bird. So Brenden and his family headed over to Lansing to bring their pet home, which is when they knew they had the right bird.

According to WZZM,

"Right when my brother walked in the room you could tell," said Kaitlin, "It was the sweetest thing, because Oden hadn’t chirped or anything for this woman caring for her. But right when she saw my brother, she went berserk."

It’s crazy Oden was able to survive a 98-mile trip, in winter conditions, and obviously an animal attack.

We’re just glad that Brenden and Oden have been safely reunited.

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