This is one of those great stories that remind you of how we should all strive to be more like.

Friday afternoon the Mona Shores HS football team played in the Division 2 state championship game against Warren De La Salle in Detroit at Ford Field.  De LA Salle was the returning state champions, so this was a big game for Mona Shores.

Unfortunately, they lost the game 29-16. (WOODTV)

No one likes to lose, but to also lose the state championship, that’s a hard moment.  That’s what makes what coach Matt Koziak’s speech after the game so great.

He reminded them that although they didn’t win the state championship, that doesn’t change all the accomplishments of the past season.

I want to talk about how proud I am of you.  And all the right things you’ve done this year.  OK, you’re gonna look back on today, and did you win a state championship no and nobody want to win it more than me, nobody. Ok, But that’s not gonna take away from what you accomplished this season.

It’s gonna hurt and sting, I know it. It didn’t end the way you wanted it , but there’s a lot of positives out of this; that you’re gonna look back on in ten years and realize where you’re at and what you did.


Mad respect coach Koziak.


source: WOODTV & Mlive

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