Moving’s an adventure, or so everyone keeps telling me.  I’m kind of ready for the adventure to be over, I think. I moved to Grand Rapids April 22, but officially moved in yesterday, May 2nd!

Trust me it’s not been all bad. I spent a few nights at a hotel over around 28th and I-96 then moved downtown for the rest of the time and it was cool. Living at a hotel really is all the coolness of vacation (maid service, a pool to swim in, someone saying hi every time you come back)... until you wake up and go to work rather than Disney World, but I can see why celebrities choose to live in hotel suites.

Also because of the time it took to find an apartment that was open and move-in ready, I’ve got all my stuff at a storage unit in Wyoming, so when you want more than the 5 shirts you packed in a suitcase, it can be frustrating. (I promise I have more shirts!)

Rob sparks/Townsquare

Yesterday (Monday) was a huge step in this “adventure”. I finally got the keys to my apartment, so at lunch I raced to the storage unit and grabbed my futon mattress, T.V., a lamp, along with some towels and blankets and headed to the new pad.  It was a win and a “why was I so excited for this?” as I sat on my futon mattress and watched the cable preview channel, (because that’s all I can get until the cable guy shows up, Saturday,) in my new place.  At least at the hotel I had cable and a chair. Did I mention cable?

Still now that I have my housing set, it makes me even more excited to start meeting people and exploring the area. Moving is an adventure… but now where I’m going to sleep isn’t as much.