My parents would kill me if they knew I drove my grandmas and grandpa's car when I was 15 to go see my much older boyfriend. I was dog sitting while they were on vacation…and only had my learners permit. And they may also not be too happy that my friends and I had motel 6 parties and got drunk on the weekends our senior year t

My parents would kill me if they knew I BLANK when I was younger.

  • Went 100mph down a major highway at 2am in an area marked 45mph
  • Bought alcohol for my little sister
  • Jumped off the garage roof into our pool!
  • In our community we terrorized the neighborhood at night... The civilians blamed the drunk guys up the street... Twas us kids all along.
  • I'd love to tell you but my mom also follows you guys so..... the secrets shall remain
  • I used to sneak my boyfriend over when they left
  • They already know It’s holiday tradition to share our adventures while cooking dinner
  • Got a someone’s house....who also tinted windows...from their house. I did watch him take the needle from the package but . Did I mention the guy had a boa constrictor cage taking up half of his living room?
  • Was raised with my parents telling us (3 girls) “you might think we don’t know but we do”. Well….fast forward to us girls (late 20’s, married) having family dinner with parents and we start talking about what we all did while in high school (living at home)…. Picture both parents with their mouths wide open! . Guess they didn’t know!
  • Skipped school to haul horses to a show
  • Haha nice try, I’m not falling for that.
  • Jumped off the Grand Haven pier (head first)
  • My parents would kill me if they knew I was thinking it would take me to a supervisor when I was younger.
  • Snuck a boy over when I was 14 (he was 13) and we did everything but balloon animals while she was at the YMCA with my sister.
  • A couple of us went drifting down some back roads in high school. Almost slid down a massive hill a few times I Wasn't the driver. I'm glad I'm alive.
  • I got a tattoo when I was 16 and never told my mom
  • Went down a winding country dirt road, no lights, and at night. At least I wasn’t the driver.
  • my parents would kill me if they knew I snuck out of the house and met my boyfriend on a golf course to make out when I was a teenager 😂😂
  • They'd die if they knew I had a massive party when they went away for a weekend when I was 20. It was in a very quiet trailer park in my hometown. I invited at least 50 not knowing my brother did the same thing the same night next door. The parties got massively out of control lol. Thankfully my brother helped me clean everything up the next day and made it look like nothing ever happened.
  • They’d roll over in their graves if they knew I skinny dipped into the lake and got caught by a DNR dude when I was 18 with a bunch of girlfriends.
  • I didn't get my college diploma when I walked. I took my very last needed course at a community college six months later so it would be cheaper and easier.
  • Was drunk for a gymnastics meet in high school. Still placed so it's all good.
  • Sold pot in school! (cheerleader) goodie 2 shoes….lol … not
  • Almost made balloon animals with my cousin when i was 13. Yep mom would have killed me if she knew

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