The Holland-based craft brewer, distiller and restaurant is pouring up a sweet alcohol-infused mix for Dessert Wars 2015 on Thursday night at the Amway Grand's Ambassador Ballroom in downtown Grand Rapids.

Fred Bueltmann, New Holland Brewing's beervangelist and vice president of brand and lifestyle and a co-owner, tipped back on some desserty gin and beer topics Thursday morning with Channel 95.7's "Connie and Curtis."

"Beer goes well with dessert. Beer goes well with many things," Bueltmann told "Connie and Curtis." "Usually you get a raised eyebrow or a little physical look when when you start talking about beer and dessert.

"And I love that challenge because you look at the world of beverages, beer is actually the most suited to dessert. ... Beer has the best range of flavors to pair up."

New Holland is among about a dozen sweet liquor and sweet treat makers from Grand Rapids and across West Michigan taking part in Dessert Wars, presented by Channel 95.7 and Hobart Corp. Running 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Amway Grand Plaza, 187 Monroe Avenue NW, admission is $8 and children younger than 9 years old are $2 with tickets available at the door. Admission includes 15 sample tickets, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Grand Rapids non-profit Kids' Food Basket.

Bueltmann and Taylor Remy, New Holland's beer and spirits itinerant, served up craft beers Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout, The Poet Oatmeal Stout and Sundog Amber Ale on their "Connie and Curtis" visit.

They also shared samples of what New Holland is serving tonight at Dessert Wars: a Gin Kiss. It includes New Holland's Knickerbocker Gin and Clockwork Orange liqueur.

The gin, "it's bright; it's aromatic. There's a lot of variety in it. There's lemon and orange peel," Bueltmann said.

As for the liqueur, "it's not super complex," he said.

Besides its craft beers, the liquors are part of a range of spirits produced by New Holland, also including other gins, whiskey, rum and vodka.

"Distilling is a continuation of fermentation," said Bueltmann, who authored the book "The Beervangelist's Guide to the Galaxy: A Philosophy of Food and Drink." "We get to see the fruits of beer making into malt whiskey and other spirits."

New Holland Brewing's Fred Bueltmann on "Connie and Curtis," Part 1

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New Holland Brewing Co.'s Fred Bueltmann, vice president of brand and lifestyle and a beervangelist, talks about beers, spirits and desserts for Dessert Wars with Channel 95.7's "Connie and Curtis" on Thursday morning. (Photo: Angela Paasche/Channel 95.7)