So many people thought 2016 was the worst year ever, but we haven't even really begun 2017, and some new laws in Michigan are going to help keep things down. How about more taxes and fees? Yep, we got 'em! There are also some good things, too, though.

First, the bad. Taxes and fees are going up. Way up.

The gas tax is going up 7.3 cents. Every gallon you put into your car is now giving more money to the government that poisoned the water in Flint. And if you have a diesel, they're jacking you for 11.3 cents per gallon. Next canyon-sized pothole you hit, remember that you're now paying for the roads to suck.

Oh, and Michigan car registration is going up a lot, too! At least 20% more! Oh, and if you thought buying that gas-saving hybrid car was going to help you save? Guess what...they're tacking on another $47 on top of the $20 increase to the fee for owning it. If you went all electric? Try $135 tacking on top of the $10 base rate increase!

Talk about having something against clean energy! Michigan hates you for even trying to be clean.

Speaking of anti-green Michigan...a new law prohibits municipalities from charging fees, banning, or regulating plastic shopping bags. So, if your town is trying to reduce the plastic thrown away, and would like you to switch to reusable bags? Tough s***, they can't make you, Michigan law says so!

Is it getting hotter in here already?

Wait, you ask. Isn't there ANYTHING GOOD Michigan is doing for us in 2017? Or should we cancel this year, and go straight to 2018?

Or, should that be...40 CENTS!!!!!!!!!

Probably not. But it was worth a try. So now, if you work full-time at minimum wage, you could bring in almost $16 more this week! So feel free to upgrade from the snack size to the medium chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings!

There is a new law that will help get Amber Alerts out faster, which is actually good news. Some alerts have been held up in the past, because they weren't allowed to be sent out until there was a license plate number to give out, too. Now, the red tape on that part has been lifted, and the Amber Alerts can go out quicker, and hopefully we can find the kids faster. That is actually great news.

Now, if so many of the taxes and fees have got you down, there's a little bit of light. Medical marijuana edibles are now legal! AND it's retroactive, so if you've been charged or convicted of an offense with a edible, you could have your conviction overturned! Well, as long as you have your license.

Something I've seen a couple people use recently is video doctor visits. It's called telehealth, and new Michigan laws are helping to regulate it, and maybe make it either better or worse, we will have to see. Under the new laws, doctors can remotely prescribe medications for you, except certain controlled substances.

So if you're sick, you won't even have to wait at the doctor's office, you can use Skype to get checked out, and have your medicine prescribed to make you better! That's pretty cool. This law goes into effect March 21, 2017, but I've seen people using it already, so good luck, and at least TRY to look presentable when you Skype your doctor. It's not a sexting moment.

So 2017 is, it's a bit up and down at the moment. Let's check back in a few months, and see how things are going.

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