There is a new report telling us all what we already knew...Michigan has the worst roads in the United States.

According to FOX 17, a new study has been conducted that came out Wednesday morning claiming Michigan has the worst roads to drive on in America.

According to a company called Payver, that studies the quality of roads from best to worst across the country via an app they provide that is connected to dash cameras.

The Payver app actually pays drivers a small amount to help the company keep track of road conditions. Via the dash cams the app can detect potholes and cracks in the pavement then calculates which roads are the worst to drive on.

According to researchers, Michigan's rough roads are due to the rough winters and low temperatures the state receives from mother nature.

Some of the Midwest states that ranked higher than Michigan were Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Kansas.

Of course the best roads were located in much warmer climates like Florida and Hawaii.


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