Today's Text Question of the Day is sponsored by Connie and is a little bit... um... random?

On a scale of 1 to 10… why do you hate wearing pants?

  • I can’t stand wearing pants. It’s too tight my junk in it gives me turtle D!
  • 1–2: I love pants and jeans. I buy clothes that are comfy and look good, for the office too. Sometimes I have bad judgment and the pants end up looking terrible. That’s when I hate pants.
  • 10000 because I have to wear jeans or khakis at work and for one thing, it's too hot for jeans, and also, they are not comfortable and they don't fit right
  • 5. I love leggings and that’s wear I draw the line and I sometimes wear them around the house or cotton or flannel pants when it’s cold, but usually the first thing I do when I get home is take off my pants
  • I don’t even think I own any jeans anymore! I just do leggings with tunics & dresses now!
  • 9...I hate things around my waist! Even if they fit and I can feel them I hate it!
  • 5- I struggle to find pants that fit right and it is so hot out right now. I'll take yoga pants any day of the week.
  • 10 - Because I'm fat and they don't have an elastic waist *lol*
  • Mine is 10000, because I Hate mosquito bites !!!
  • 10. If I'm wearing pants it means I'm going somewhere, and I prefer my hermit ways lmao
  • 10 pants are for over productive humans! I want to wear shorts or leggings and be under productive
  • 0... give me jeans or shorts any day... it's the skirts n dresses I hate lol
  • 10 because I hate cold weather to have to wear pants!
  • A solid 10. I haven't worn jeans in over a year and who needs dress pants when you have leggings?? Well, there's also the Covid poundage, so..yah...a solid 10 of really hating pantaloons.
  • They pull my granny panties down word ! Agian and agian, It’s maddening
  • 2-i hate skirts and dresses, dang thigh rub together.
  • 10. SWASS is legit. (That's sweaty a$$ for those not in the know, lol. )
  • 10!! Because now that the apocalypse hit, I discovered they are optional.
  • Y'all are doing pants wrong! I'm a 3 on the scale bc I only buy work pants that are comfortable and soft. However I do love the freedom of a skirt more
  • A heavy heavy 8 for me! My 3 days at work for over 9 hours is enough and Connie I wear jean shorts but ya know what...they still have a zipper and button. That’s no fun. And I swear this early menopause stuff is giving me horrible stomach issues too. What the fuck?!! Lol! It sucks!
  • I hate wearing pants because it means I have to out and do things that are more people-y than I would prefer. Like going to work, LOL!
  • TQOTD: about a 5. Too stuffy to wear for 90° summer days, but I'll still wear longer pants if I haven't shaved in a while and there's people around.
  • Marilyn Monroe never wore underwear...Too restrictive! I’m with her!