The picture says it all, doesn't it?  There are a ton of bad drivers out there and if the truth were to be known, we've all gone the wrong way on a one-way a time or two!

According to a survey taken by GMAC, twenty-percent of licensed Americans would fail a driving test if they were given one on the spot!

CNN claims that the worst culprits fall into three categories:  new drivers, women and motorists who live in the Northeast -- so steer clear, right?

Well a separate survey claims men are superior to female drivers and I couldn't disagree more!!  According to TeleNav Inc., 85% of men say they can catch a curve quicker and better than a woman.  Only 57% of women say we're the superior race car drivers!

I DO agree that men have a better sense of direction because us ladies tend to look for landmarks, not signage, to get us to our destinations!  What do you think?

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