Being a parent is a tough job. Everyone can agree with that. But not everyone agrees with certain parenting styles.

BuzzFeed polled over 200,000 parents and asked them all types of controversial questions ranging from spanking to homeschooling and vaccinations. Some of the results may surprise you. These are some of the things the poll found:

  • Is breastfeeding in public okay? 85% say yes.
  • Can a child get a well-rounded social and academic experience if home-schooled? 73% say no.
  • Is spanking okay? This one is almost split. 48% yes 52% no.
  • Should kids be vaccinated? 94% yes.
  • Is it appropriate to circumcise newborn boys? BuzzFeed says this got heated in the comments section. Shockingly, 71% said NO.
  • Is it okay for kids to drink pop/caffeine at school? 68% said no.
  • Is it appropriate to discipline someone else's child? 67% no.
  • Is it ever okay to put a kid on a leash?  47% said YES to that one. 53% said no. 
  • Do you allow your child unsupervised time on social media? 84% say no.

Do you agree or disagree with these answers?