Not all heroes wear capes; some of them can tie a tie for a dad who desperately needs help.

FOX17 highlighted a great #PeopleDoingGood story from last Saturday night when Grandville Police Officer Rich Brown was asked by a local to help tie a tie for the guy's son.

Officer Brown told was sitting in a parking lot when, as he told FOX17, a pickup came quickly into the parking lot and the driver jumped out and approached the officer.  After the initial startle, the officer found out the guy’s son had a dance that night and he needed help tying the tie for his son's suit.

Officer Brown obliged as he told Fox 17,

"At first I told him I need a minute because I’ve tied my own ties and it’s kind of hard to tie on someone else, so I told him I’d give it a shot and luckily it worked out the first time.”

Best part, it was all caught on the officer’s dash cam so we also get to enjoy the moment.   Brown said they blurred out the guy’s face because he never got his name, which means he also didn’t have a follow up if the tie worked out for the kid.

With all the craziness in the world, it’s refreshing to see sometimes people just need help getting a tie, tied.

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