It sounded like a riot happening, said guards who were upstairs in the courtroom when they heard inmates yelling in the holding area below.

8 inmates were in a holding cell in the basement of the Weatherford,Texas courthouse a few weeks ago when the guard watching them suddenly slumped over.   At first, the inmates were stunned at what could be happening, but once it became clear that the guard was having a heart attack the inmates started yelling for help.  Except no one heard them.  So in order to save the guard's life, they broke free of the holding cell.  A few of the inmates started checking on the guard while the others banged on doors until the deputies upstairs could hear them and came down.

Initially the responding officers thought there was an 8 inmate riot happening, but the inmates were able to quickly convince officers otherwise and deputies rushed in and began CPR on the fallen guard.

Unlike in television shows though, the inmates weren’t let go in lieu of their good deed. They all still had to see the judge for their offenses, but they were thanked by the sheriff’s department and of course the deputy who had the heart attack.

Oh, and they’re double re-enforcing the holding cell doors now as well, since they’ve realized 8 inmates can break it open.