Although the e-mail was invented in the late 1970's it wasn't until the 90's-2000's when it made its wave across the globe and everyone had one! You can talk to whomever, wherever in an instant...unless you were waiting for that damn dialup to hurry and connect. It made communication that much easier!

But the point isn't about how e-mail revitalized the way we communicate... the point is do you remember the first e-mail you sent? You were so excited to get your OWN e-mail, who was the first lucky recipient? And what did you say?

Buzzfeed asked their staff members to dig and read the very first e-mails they sent. The results aren't anything too embarrassing but it's definitely a throwback to a time without cell phones and emojis. Oh yeah, and awesome e-mail addresses/screen-names.

I would never be able to find my first e-mail because that account deleted but shout out to my e-mail