Fish's RAAANT-burger
Fish's RAAANT-burger

Give me a Break! This is the stupidest thing ever!

I love animals. I do eat meat. Meat is yummy to me and I have never hated on people for living a healthier lifestyle but why must everything classic be ruined.

Have you seen that PETA has now chopped away at a piece of America by taking one of our coolest things ever from us? The Animal Cracker Box.

Yeah. This is real. 116 years ago. That’s right 116 years ago! The animal cracker box came out. It was a promotional type thing for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus which shut down (after 146 years) in May of 2017. It was part of my childhood #ChubbyBaby and most likely yours. Who hasn’t at least once or 500 million times sat down with a few boxes of yummy animal crackers and munched down and looked around and made sure no one saw you dig out pieces of a lion from your back teeth. Why is this such a big deal? Why are we all so sensitive that everything must be ruined. I have ridden on an elephant in a circus and hated how they treated them so I understood in 2015 when they removed the elephant from the circus as well as the box.

Seriously though PETA. How much money did you spend on this marketing to steal this old image from us? How many poor endangered animals could you of saved with this money? How much education could you of provided people with about the benefits of eating tofu type stuff over a tasty sweet sweet HAMBURGER!!! Do you need attention? Do you need a hug? Did you not have a lot of friends when you were younger and you are lashing out? AWWWWWW …. STOP TAKING MY STUFF!!! GOOD LORD!!!

You realize that no animals were caged when they were placed on the box … it’s a drawing. You ALSO realize that there are still caged animals out there. The Zoo has them. People have caged animals in their homes. Kennels for Dogs … cages for Gerbils and Hamsters … Horse farms.

My point to this little vent is this is yet another OBVIOUS example of how picky we have become as a society. I understand some of the changes we are making for what my foreign family members call the “overly sensitive Americans” but this … is just stupid, dumb and makes me want to in the words of one of our members of the (“Clique of 6”), want to throat punch someone.

Do you agree?  Let me know what you think in the comments.