In an effort to call people out for wrongdoing all across the country, we here at the Connie and Fish network, want to put your friends, family, significant others, or anyone else on blast.  Did your brother, John, eat the last piece of pizza that you paid for?  Call him out!

If you have our Mix 95.7 App (It's a free download in your app store so you literally have no excuse not to have it), you've gotten some of our push notifications.  Well, how would you like us to send out a push notification calling out someone you know for doing something that really peeved you off?

You would, wouldn't you?  Well, all you have to do is fill out the form below and every once in a while we will pick one message that we absolutely LOVE and send it out to everyone who has downloaded our app.  So, if you are bitter about something, let us know and we might just put your friend on blast.

Put your friend, family member, or anyone else on blast!

Give us someone's name you want to put on blast and write them a message that we will send out as a push notification on our app. We will pick our favorites and send them out for you!
  • First name only
  • Write the message as if you were texting the person directly. (i.e. "John, why you gotta eat the last piece of pizza? I paid for it, homey!")