If you are like me, and you were a little girl back in the '80s, chances are you had a Rainbow Brite doll (if you didn't, I feel sorry for you, but you won't have to be sad about it much longer.)

Hallmark has announced that they are releasing Rainbow Brite dolls

The doll is a reissue of the original 18" doll from the 1980s, and Rainbow Brite isn't the only doll available. That's right, you can also get your hands on Starlight (Rainbow Brite's horse), and Twink her little Sprite friend. The dolls are available at select Hallmark stores across the U.S.

Originally launched in 1983 Rainbow Brite told the story of a little girl charged with bringing color to the world through use of her magic Color Belt and Star Sprinkles.

A reboot of the cartoon hit the internet last summer, and since I learned about that, I've been jonesing for some nostalgic toys (though, let's be real, my original doll is probably in a box somewhere in my parents' basement. Still.)

Check out this video of the commercial for the doll back in the '80s. Does that little blonde girl look familiar? She should, she played the little girl in the Poltergeist movies.