Lets get down to it, we all have some sort of road rage. I've seen it with my own eyes, almost everyone gets upset when another person on the road does stupid stuff. No offense to some motorcyclists, but its hard to see you on the road, the sooner you understand that the better. So earlier this week my fiance and I were on our way our to Rivertown Mall on 196 when we were getting on the ramp at about 65-70 MPH when out of nowhere a pack of motorcyclists came out of nowhere doing about 85 in the slow lane.

There were about 10 of them so they all decided to pass me and then simultaneously give me the hand shooter, you know, like using your index finger and a thumb as a pistol. That upset me a little bit as they were in the wrong.

First of all we have a speed limit. Second of all you should be riding side by side if we are gonna talk biking etiquette. Now these were just not typical joy riders, they were all tatted up and with bandannas with certain colors and leather jackets with all the patches, so I assume they were not on there way to church.

In order to protect myself I'll take the 5th on my reaction to these idiots who thought they owned the West Michigan road.  But this had me thinking, does anyone in West Michigan have any Road Rage issues?