You always hear people say that Christmas is far more about giving than receiving, and a local man has taken that to heart and is helping complete strangers.

The man contacted our friends over at WZZM 13, and told them that, while he wanted to remain anonymous, he thought that it was important to share a positive story with the community. He told them that Wednesday morning, he went into the K-Mart on Plainfield Ave. and paid off several lay-away bills.

WZZM contacted the manager of the store, who confirmed that a man had come in and spend nearly $2,000 and helped out roughly 13 people. The manager said that he identified customers that he felt could use the most help, and the man paid off those bills.

The manager also said that a woman had come into the store on Tuesday, and paid off the bills of a handful of customers.

I guess this goes to show that there are some truly giving people in this world who posses the true spirit of the season!

All together now - "Awwwwww..."