While we were sitting in the studio Wednesday, during a song, Fish said to me, “Hey, we got a text from Stacie and she’d like to send your mom a Christmas card, if you don’t think that’s too weird.”

Weird?!? I thought that was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! This thoughtfulness is a great example of why we love our listeners, so very much.

Stacie’s thoughtfulness also gave me a great idea! I’m calling it, “Send My Mom A Christmas Card”. If you’re filling out your Christmas cards and you have one left over, my mom would get SUCH a kick out of getting a card from you. She thinks my job is soooo neat (her words - ha!) and I know that it would make her smile.

If you’d like to Send My Mom A Christmas Card, her name is Mary (how appropriate is THAT?) and you can send it here to the station. I’ll be heading over to Waterford in a couple weeks, to get her and bring her back to GR for Christmas. I’ll give the cards to her then. You can send it to:

c/o Connie & Mary
125 Ottawa Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Suite 350

Thank you SO much and Merry Christmas!

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