Forget sharing secrets about yourself, this week we want to know other people's secrets. So, think hard about secrets that you are keeping and let us know the best one.

Share someone else’s secret with us...

  • My secret is I have this friend that works in radio and loves to play racketball.  Secretly his fellow players call him hilarious is that.opps my bad fish. forgot you didn't want people to, hamburger. enjoy your day.
  • My secret to share is my mom isn't inviting my sister to our family Christmas party 😳
  • an employee of mine is sleeping with her abusive ex that she had spent the last 6 most trying to put him in jail for beating her
  • My secret niece is pregnant!!! They're not announcing it until her inlaws get into town this weekend. But she will be my FORTH niece who is preggers, all due in Spring! HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!?!
  • My ex-wife tried to cheat on her current wife with me even said she'd end if I took her back. I shut that down fast.
  • I know a couple that broke up about a year ago. They still are friends though and work together and I'm not supposed to tell anyone they broke up. After this long I wonder if it's just a long, elaborate test of my loyalty
  • My buddy and his wife are expecting their second kid. He got really drunk one night and told me the news with the biggest smile on his face. I'm the only one who knows right now. My happy, wholesome little secret.
  • My buddy is planning on leaving his wife, mostly because he found out that his kid isn't actually his, and he suspects the one she's pregnant with isn't either.
  • Rachel and Mark are hooking up and nobody else in the department knows except me.
  • My coworker is going to re-propose to his wife next month on vacation with a new ring and then (re)marry her on the beach. He's a total hardass, non-emotional type, but he was so giddy when he told me. She doesn't know, of course.
  • I think my Dad is really two kids in a trenchcoat​
  • SECRETS. I had to carry a secret throughout my former marriage and it was part of its demise. His first wife had an affair with his sister's husband and even thought she was pregnant at one point when they were all still married. The sister doesn't know and is still married to the guy 16-17 years later.
  • A secret I am taking is last weekend went to the haunt and the guy that went was scared poo-less and cried and screamed. I had to guide him out.
  • So my friends secret is that when we worked at a bakery she was sleeping with our boss. At the same time she was married. So because our boss knew that I knew about the two of them I got away with things at work. So it's nice when you have dirt on people and could easily ruin their life!!!
  • My neighbor got divorced three months later she remarried and now she is cheating n him with her coworkers husband and now a another guy to so she is having sex with three guys and every one of them r married
  • This is a secret I just found out a month ago. I was at a friends place for a party. Someone who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. He was questioning me on my relationship and asking why I like my boyfriend, and asking if he treated me well. Later that night he ended up confessing that has loved me for a long time and he wish he would have told me earlier because then him and I could have been together and not with his wife if 2 years.
  • Im currently harboring a fugitive in my house. Hes my best friend. Wanted for arsin Yikes
  • text message of the day Tell someone else's secret my husband has his entire family thinking that he graduated from college. when we first met he lied to me and said that he left his diploma and another state and I thought it would be a great present to get that for him so I called the college he said he went to and they said he didn't even finish a semester lol
  • My friend is a 29-year-old virgin and it really bothers him. He was raised super religious and dating was out of the question so he doesn’t know how to talk to girls and he is too scared to go out on a limb and ask people out.
  • I know that my best friends husband is on Ashley Madison which is a website for married people looking to cheat. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to say something but there has already been a cheating incident that she is aware of and she didn’t do anything... she will not leave because of the money is what she said 😩
  • My sister is sleeping with her best friends husband 😳
  • Secrets! A few years back a friend of mine told me was sleeping with his cousins wife, I know, messed up right? Even worse his cousin and cousins wife had been trying to convince but had no luck. she became pregnant and had a boy identical to my friend. Last year my friend died losing his fight to an opioid addiction. So here I sit with this secret.
  • My boyfriend ate some dollar store cookies yesterday and then pooped himself 20 minutes later
  • My secret about somebody else's secret is my ex a few years ago after we broke up I was stalking his Facebook and I found a page that he liked a page of men and women that like to kick to “femdom”. after some digging in the page (wild shit) I found some posts from him asking about meeting up with one of the girls and hoping she would kick him in the balls. I mean to each there own but he was (and still is) dating the girl he left me for (I never got to punch his nuts). Glad I dodged that bullet and not in a relationship with someone who is lying to me daily and can't be honest with who he is.