A shirtless man broke into a work site this morning, stole a crane, and began driving it around, smashing fences and light poles, while his 2-month-old baby lay unattended nearby. When police got to the scene, the man was smoking and drinking a soda.

Apparently, these were given to him by some of the workers at ESCO, the company that had the crane on site. They thought it would calm him down to offer him cigarettes and a Coke, and by golly, it did!

While questioning the man, they found the unattended infant, and the man claimed the be the child's father. The baby was uninjured.

Both the baby and the man were taken for evaluation, but the man is definitely going for a different sort of evaluation...with more restrictive jackets, and soft rooms.

Child Protective Services joined the investigation, and will help make sure the baby is ok.

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