Western Michigan University

Michigan State University's stoic Sparty and Western Michigan University's goofy Buster Bronco made the list of the top mascots in all of college sports.

While this honor is an asterisk for the highly-successful Michigan State sports program, it just may be the best thing to happen this season for WMU.

According to the Communications Degree Guide, Michigan college mascots MSU's Sparty and WMU's Buster Bronco made the top 10 list of best college mascots. Not surprisingly, the University of Notre Dame's Leprechaun is runner-up to Penn State's Nittany Lion.

The guide also honored the best logos for college teams in baseball, football, basketball, and also best overall college logos.

The 50 college logos in the article represent popular sports emblems as well as designs that symbolize colleges and universities as institutions. Editors for the piece conducted a subjective evaluation of hundreds of college logos across the U.S. with an eye for good graphic design.

"We looked for logos with dynamic and unusual elements that promote school spirit and inspire academic rigor," said managing editor Paige Bernard.

Best College Mascots

  • 1

    Penn State's Nittany Lion

  • 2

    Notre Dame's Fighting Irishman

  • 3

    Skagit Valley College's Fighting Cardinal

  • 4

    Oregon State University's Benny Beaver

  • 5

    University of Wisconsin's Bucky Badger

  • 6

    University of Alabama's Big Al the Elephant

  • 7

    South Carolina's Cocky the Gamecock

  • 8

    University of iowa's Herky the Hawk

  • 9

    Michigan State's Sparty

  • 10

    Western Michigan's Buster Bronco