Recently, Steve learned that it takes the average woman two minutes and five seconds to change a diaper, while it takes the average man just over a minute and a half.

With the help of the Toot n' Tote Table from Little Kaboose, Steve set out to a public bathroom at a park to see if he could not only beat the average time for both men and women, but do it without an actual changing table.

Steve's had a lot of practice, as Charlotte isn't a tiny baby anymore, but even then... no one can change a diaper that quickly, right? (Watch the video to see how he did - you might be surprised.)

There are a lot of public bathrooms where you just won't find a changing table (especially men's bathrooms), and even if you do - do you really want to use them? How clean can those things really be? With the Toot n' Tote Table, you know that any mess that is on it is your own (or, more specifically, your child's). Plus, it's easy to use. You just unfold it, secure the straps, and - tada! - you have a changing table right there in front of you.

What's even cooler? The Toot n' Tote Table from Little Kaboose was designed by a couple right here in West Michigan who were frustrated by not being able to find changing tables in public restrooms when they were out and about with their kids. And, after waiting more than three years, their patent for the product was just approved at the beginning of August.

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