Whoops, you caught me coming out of the shower.  How embarrassing.  Well, since I have your attention, how about I show you how to properly dress for the cold weather.  The two secrets to dressing for cold weather are layers and tucking.  Layers help keep you warm when the air is cold and tucking protects you from the cold air entering and the warm air leaving.  The key is to stop when you have enough layers, and then say screw it and add another layer.

So, let's recap the ordering, tucking, and layering.

  1. Underwear
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Pajama Pants (tuck in T-Shirt)
  4. Socks (tuck in Pajama Pants)
  5. Long-Sleeve Shirt
  6. Jeans (tuck in Long-Sleeve Shirt)
  7. Second Pair of Socks
  8. Zip-Up Hoodie
  9. Sweat Pants (tuck in Zip-Up Hoodie)
  10. Hoodless Zip-Up
  11. Gloves (tuck in to sleeves)
  12. Coat
  13. Second Pair of Gloves
  14. Boots

See how easy that was?  Just 14 quick steps!