All this week and next we are qualifying you to fly away to Boston to see Justin Timberlake live in concert!  And since we are sending one lucky listener to see JT in Boston, Steve, Olde Timey Steve, and Mickey Mouse decided to give us the history of Justin Timberlake.

Before his career as a solo artist, Justin had several other star-studded moments in his career.  His first national appearance was on Star Search at the young age of 11.  He went on the show under the name Justin Randall and sang a country song.  Check it out!

After his appearance on Star Search, Justin's next foray into the limelight was on The Mickey Mouse Club in the 90s.  JT wasn't the only famous person on the cast of The Mickey Mouse Club, he was also joined by Britney Spears, JC Chavez, Christina Agulera, Ryan Gossling and Kerri Russel!

After The Mickey Mouse Club, JT became a founding member of NSYNC and eventually went on to be the superstar that he is today!

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