Earlier this week I was at the mall and I was standing in line waiting to pay a store when a customer came up to tell the guy at the register that someone walked out with clothing. The guy at the register didn't even flinch he replied with "oh ok, it's the end of the night." I was in shock! He didn't do anything about it. Didn't tell a manager, didn't call security didn't try and stop the people who shoplifted, just went about his job as if it were normal.

If you think that's shocking, what a store in Dutch, Holland did is even more shocking! They celebrated their shoplifter. And not just any shoplifter... their 10,000th shoplifter! First off, why have they had that many people who shoplifted?! Secondly, why haven't they upped security if they're keeping track?! Thirdly, why is this a reason to celebrate?!

The store owners set up a security camera and when they caught their lucky shoplifter they ran out and surprised her with a cake, flowers, a marching band and even a party hat.

I'll let the video show you firsthand this strange celebration.